We are very proud of our Early Years.

We have a dedicated team of qualified teachers striving to ensure that children develop a lifelong love of learning, a healthy curiosity and the ability to ask questions through the freedom of choice and exploration. We recognise the importance of social, emotional and physical development and ensure that each child is nurtured in order to become independent and confident through daily exploration and interaction.

Our Environment

We have fantastic indoor spaces, and a large and exciting Early Years outdoor environment just for Nursery and Reception pupils as well regular use of the school fields and the Lorenden Trustlands beyond.  Early Years have lunch with their teachers and Pre-Prep in the generous hall and they love saying hello to other teachers and pupils, who all know who they are, as they go along the corridors!

Reception PE

Literacy and Numeracy

We develop confident learners with enquiring minds, and we have strong emphasis on the acquisition of numeracy and literacy skills.  We teach children to read using phonics and then we read with them daily – we expect parents to do their bit too! We structure child-initiated sessions and teacher-led activities using children’s interests.  We teach children to write – from the first steps of mark making to little stories – it all happens in the Early Years! We encourage mathematical thinking and teach maths in the ‘mastery’ method that is used by the rest of the school. A recent Early Years advisor that we commissioned to visit, found that pupils’ literacy and numeracy were well developed by the end of their time in the Early Years.

Specialist Teachers in Nursery and Reception

We have specialist teachers for French, Music and PE for both classes. We have weekly Forest School sessions with trained staff too.  All Early Years children are part of the Pre-Prep choir and learn to sing songs in one and two parts.

Being part of the whole school

A key part of Lorenden is the buddy system between Year 6 and Reception pupils and between Year 5 and Nursery pupils.  Younger pupils have regular opportunities to play and to engage in activities with their older buddies and strong friendships are built across the year groups, helping younger pupils to feel secure, confident and valued in the community and for older pupils to develop their sense of responsibility and kindness further.