Transition at Lorenden is incredibly smooth – pupils in Early Years get to know their Year 1 class teacher during the summer term whilst secure in the knowledge that a number of their specialist teachers will remain the same and relationships already developed can continue.  Strong liaison between staff means knowledge of each individual child is passed on in detail and pupils become familiar with their exciting new environment, before they start in Pre-Prep; ensuring a settled and happy start in September. Pupils are already familiar with being part of assemblies, lunches, playtime and are well known by staff; lesson and activity session demands increase gradually, as the needs and readiness of the children dictate.

Year 1 is a brilliant year to teach ..… they never stop throwing themselves whole-heartedly into their learning.

Year 1 class teacher

DT lesson

A vibrant curriculum

The Pre-Prep curriculum extends the inquisitiveness of Early Years; small class sizes and dedicated staff mean children continue to be supremely happy and ready to learn. Whilst in Year 1, humanities and science learning continue to be encompassed by a topic area; by Year 2 discrete subjects are taught in these areas, meaning a smooth transition to Prep.  Daily reading continues for all and there is an emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy as fundamental to success in all subjects. Year 1 pupils all learn the violin as an additional musical experience whilst many Year 2 pupils begin to learn an instrument individually. Trips out are important to put learning into the wider context and Forest School continues to be a regular learning experience.

I love maths!

Year 2 pupil

Growing Up

Year 1 and 2 are fully involved in the life of the school; they elect their year group members for the Pupil Voice committee, they are part of House competitions and they present large-scale assemblies to parents. 

Year 1 step up to performing key roles in the annual nativity, supported by the Early Years and Year 2, whilst Year 2 make an impressive leap to rehearsing and performing with Prep pupils, for the annual Carol Service and other key events. Pre Prep pupils join forces with Early Years to form the Pre-Prep Choir, rehearsing weekly and learning songs in one and two parts. Individual musical instrument solos are encouraged as performances to the whole school.

I like science because I like experiments and things blowing up!

Year 2 pupil