Moving into Prep

For many parents moving into Prep, with its new uniform, can signal the start of the move towards the Kent Test and thoughts of secondary schools. Whilst teaching in Prep focuses on core subjects, breadth of curriculum remains important too and children continue to be encouraged to explore and exceed in all areas.

Lorenden is great because you learn fast.

Year 3 pupil


The Kent Test and beyond…

Lorenden is a place for each individual pupil to be nurtured - whatever their choice of secondary school.

For many parents, Lorenden is the place to come for their children to be prepared for the Kent Test; an environment with small classes where hard work is the norm and pupils cherish the advice and expert guidance given by their teachers.  Our Year 5s enjoy working incredibly hard; they move above and beyond into the Year 6 curriculum and are focussed on exam preparation so that they are able show their ability in the Kent Test.  

Not all children want to take the Kent Test however as they are usually choosing to remain in independent education. Exam preparation is still important for these pupils, but so are interview techniques and having opportunities to develop skills across a broad and challenging curriculum.  Likewise, taking part in weekly competitive sport and regular musical opportunities, alongside academic challenge, maximises success for senior school scholarships.  Prep pupils go on many trips to enhance their learning, including a residential each year.

What is most important is that whoever your child is, we treat them as an individual. We know them extremely well to be able to understand where they will thrive as they leave Lorenden. With a first-hand knowledge of local independent and state secondary schools, we pride ourselves on being able to spend time with you to advise as to the best ‘next step’ in your child’s education, when the time comes.

I really like English - I like having my brain stretched. 

Year 5 pupil

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Specialist Teachers and Extended Curriculum

Specialist teaching continues into Prep, with further Science specialist teaching in Year 6.  All pupils sing together as a large choir each week and perform from memory at school events whilst a smaller number of pupils form the chamber choir, performing in both local and key school events.

Drama is a great addition to the curriculum in Years 3 and 4 whilst both Latin and Spanish become part of the extended Year 6 curriculum; Forest School continues for all. Year 6 do not do SATs but, alongside a continued focus on core subjects, complete rigorous independent projects, externally adjudicated, in the Summer Term.  

Recent Year 6 projects include:

  • ‘Social Media – good or bad?’
  • ‘Internal Combustion Engines – which is the best type?’
  • ‘Football – the Beautiful Game?’
  • ‘The main improvements and disadvantages between the Victorian Era and the Present Day.’
  • 'Is naval warfare dead?'
  • 'Communism - good or bad?'

Competitive Sports

Children move into Prep with excitement that they will be playing competitive sports against other schools. Teams are not exclusive; every child represents the school but yet results are outstanding.  Under expert guidance, teams become forces to be reckoned with against other independent schools; some teams almost unbeaten throughout each season.

Responsibility and Maturity

A key part of Lorenden is the buddy system between Year 6 and Reception pupils and between Year 5 and Nursery pupils. For older pupils this is a real chance to develop their sense of responsibility towards others and to make a young pupil feel as welcome as they did when their buddy nurtured them. Strong cross-school friendships are made that are not forgotten.

Pupil Voice members are elected termly and meet regularly to discuss suggestions. Heads of House, Heads of Sports and Monitors are important positions to hold in Year 6; confidence and maturity grow as roles are stepped into and developed by each individual. These pupils are seen as role models by younger children and as key opportunities for nurturing aspiring leaders by staff.  Pupils take the responsibilities and opportunities seriously and with a keenness to do their very best.

The Annual Carol Service, Summer Production and Speech Day are significant events where all Year 6 take leading performance role.