Canterbury Cathedral Visit 11.10.2019

Posted on: 18 October, 2019

Report by Annabel
On Friday 11th October Year 4 were very excited as we left for our visit to Canterbury Cathedral. 

Once we arrived in Canterbury, we walked to the Cathedral lodge where the day started with us getting dressed up. Some of us were Vikings, four of us were monks, River was a young girl from Canterbury, Ben was a King, Paige was a queen and I was the archbishop! Once we were all in costume we set off on our tour of the cathedral.

We walked all around the inside; looking at the windows, statues, library and the place Saint Thomas Becket was murdered and buried! 

In the old library we saw a slip of parchment, older than the cathedral itself, which had been bought for just over £100,000!  After that we watched and listened to the choir as they sang in Latin, luckily our tour guide told us what it meant.  

After lunch when we were back in our own clothes, we got to do some fun craft activities. First, we made a pilgrim badge using card and tin foil.  Then a certificate each by stamping our initials in ink and into the boxes on the certificates. We then used a quill and ink to write in our names. 

Next, we put on goggles and using a hammer and a big nail, carved a mark or a sign in stone, then we played with a winch lifting boxes up and down to make a tower and finally we decorated a mini stained-glass window with sharpies to take home. 

We all really enjoyed Canterbury Cathedral; it was a great day out. A big thank you to our Cathedral guide, to Mrs Charter and Janet for taking us, thanks to Paige’s mum for coming with us and also to Hayley and Claire for our lunches.