Reception and Year 2 trip to Leeds Castle 6.6.2019

Posted on: 07 June, 2019

Report by Henry H
On Thursday 6th June 2019, Year 2 and Reception went to Leeds castle.  It was a 30 minute journey to get there.  First we went to a workshop we got to act a story.  The characters were called Cat, Sparrow, Gnome, King of the Lake, Prince Black Cloak, Swan Princess and Knights and many more. Di and Kimberley were our guides.  Then we had lunch - I had a ham and cheese sandwich that was yummy.  Next we got to go in the maze and then play.  We almost went past a clue in the maze, but I saw it and it said we went the wrong way.  We got to play in the new park it was really, really good fun!  Also we had a tour of the castle which was very interesting.  We got to go in the Queen’s bathroom.  They had a fire in there.  We got go through the secret door!  It was surprising.  We saw a chapel in the castle.  My favourite thing was going to the birds of prey.  It was really good fun they all did obstacles. 


Report by James
Yesterday 6th June 2019 we went to Leeds Castle.  It took 30 minutes to get there.  First we did a workshop with two people, one was called Kimberley and the other was Di.  I was a Sparrow, Libby was a Cat, Alfie was a Gnome and Emmeline was a Witch.  Libby and I were going to get some firewood. Alfie had to hide when the witch came.  After that we had some lunch.  After lunch we looked around the castle and we went to places where you wouldn’t go with your parents.  We saw secret doors that looked like the walls (disguised) around you.  Last we went to the park where we were going to see a show that was a bird show.  We saw an Eagle owl and then we saw an eagle that I didn’t recognise.  We saw a Harris hawk that landed near us then we got on the bus and came back to school.  We had a lovely day!


Report by Harris
On Thursday 6th June Year 2 went to Leeds Castle.  We did a workshop which was a play but before that we watched a little video which was about how Leeds Castle had changed.  The play had lots of characters – outside there was a peacock and it was very annoying.  It kept shouting.  After lunch we went to the castle.  We got to go in the Queen’s bathroom.  We had a fun time in the castle next we went to the playground.  Some people went into the maze after that we went back into the playground.  We then got back into the minibus to go to school. It was a nice day at Leeds Castle.