U11 boys' football tournament @ Ashford Prep School 9.10.2019

Posted on: 11 October, 2019

Report by Leo
On Wednesday the 9th October 2019 the U11 boys took part in a football we went to a tournament at Ashford Prep School. 

In our group stage we had Dover College,Ashford and Dulwich. First we played Dover College, they were a good side and were very difficult to play against but despite that we played well passing wide and tacking runs also we were communicating. We had 10 minute games one way, we kept on playing throughout the game but the final whistle went leaving the score 0-0 at the end of the first game.

After a 10 minute team talk, we got back out playing Ashford, they were a good side and  it was hard to beat them to the ball but we had some chances but we couldn't score with any of them. Ashford also had their chances, we were passing and communicating well, despite all of our great defence Ashford scored three goals leaving the score 3-0 at the end of the first game. 

Next we played Dulwich, they were a good team and a strong side, and they were also very competitive, but still that didn't stop us for putting everything at them. We started well passing as wide as we could trying to get through their defence but we just couldn't get around them, then there defender passed to the attacker who managed to get it in the back of the net leaving the score 1-0 around 4 minutes in.  We knew that we wanted to win the match, so we were doing everything, but they scored one more goal leaving the score 2-0 at the end of the end of the game.  

We got through to the quarter final of the plate. We played Kings Canterbury they were a good team with great defensive players. We played well passing and communicating we were making good runs as well. After around five minutes into the game Joey took a corner it reflected off a Kings player into the goal. Kings really wanted to win this game and they put everything at us, we cleared the ball and one of the King's players took a shot from the halfway line and scored. We went into penalties. I took a penalty and missed then Ollie made an excellent save and then Joey scored, next Ollie made another excellent save with his left hand, which meant that we were through to the semi final. 

After the cup played we played St Faiths, we were very confident in ourselves and started well passing up the pitch side by side, until a St Faiths player cleared the ball away and were driving up the pitch. This happened around five more times until they found a way through the defence and scored with three minutes to go. Leaving the score 1-0 at the end of the semi final.

Man of the match was Ollie for his outstanding goalkeeping all day but especially the penalties in the quarterfinal and the game in the semi final well done Ollie and well done team.