U11 boys interhouse rugby

Posted on: 08 February, 2019

Report by Raif, Amazon Captain
Wednesday 6th January the U11 Amazon's team played Lorenden Swallows in an inter-house rugby match. We started off and immediately scored 3 tries but Swallows retaliated by scoring 3 tries as well.

We then managed to score two more tries, thanks to some good rucking and passing, but Swallows also used the same technique on us but only got one try leaving the score 5- 4 to Amazons at halftime.

After we came on again, we improved on our tackling and scored a hasty try down the line. Swallows also upped their game and scored 3 brilliant tries as well making the score 6 - 7 to Amazon. We then scored one more try to Swallows two making the final score 9 - 7 to Swallows.   Man of the Match was Edward for great rucking. Well done Edward well done team.


Report by Bertie, Swallows captain
The weather was miserable and wet but everybody went out smiling. We played 6 a-side. Amazons started very strong and took the lead in the first half 5 - 4. In the second half the Swallows upped their game and we fought back hard to make the final score 9-7 to us.

It was a very even match between the two teams, one scored, then the other scored.  Both teams played well and both teams were as muddy as each other. Well done all!