U11 girls' netball V Dover College

Posted on: 08 February, 2019

Report by Flora
n 6th February the U11 girls A team played netball against Dover College. In the first half we had our centre and quickly passing up the line to score a goal. We then waited for Dover College to take their centre, which we intercepted, and passed up retrieving a goal from Skye. We repeated this until it was halftime and scored two goals, one each from both Rosie and Skye.

The second half we played well but not well enough as Dover scored a goal. We managed to get some goal passes from Camille, Siena, Eva and Lauren so we could get the ball to the shooters. The end score was 9 - 1 to London. Dover nominated me as Player of the Match. Well done everyone and let's keep it up.

Report by Dolly
The U11 B team won the toss and chose first centre.  We passed down the pitch and Bea jumped for the ball. Luckily she got it and it was passed down to the D.  I got the ball in the hoop and scored. Then it was our centre but the tall girl got the ball continuously and got it in the hoop. In the second half, Mia scored a goal. The final score was 5 - 2 to Dover College. The selected Player of the Match was Olivia. Well done Olivia and well done team.