U11 girls' netball V Gadds Hill 6.3.2019

Posted on: 08 March, 2019

Report by Flora
On Wednesday 6th March the U11 A girls played Gadds Hill at Home. In the first quarter we quickly got down into the ‘D’ and scored. This was repeated this until the score was 6-0.

In the second quarter our shooters, Rosie and Skye, managed to score four goals. Unfortunately, Gadds Hill got into their ‘D’ and scored a goal.  In the third quarter we got the ball into the ‘D’ but as Siena was passing it was intercepted and Gads Hill quickly scored. Luckily we managed to get four more goals. In the last quarter we slowly got the ball up the pitch and scored. The final was was 15 -1 to us.  Man of the match was Siena for great intercepting and quick passing well done Siena well done team.

Report by Dolly
The U11 B team played Gads Hill at home.  We won the toss and chose first centre then we passed and at half time we managed to get the score of 4 - 3.   After half time Gadds decided to up their game and immediately shot and scored making the score 4 - 4. They then intercepted our throws and with some good passing got another goal. Just as the final whistle blew Gadds raced down to their D to score a final goal. The final score was 6-4 to them. Player of the match was me elected by Gadds hill. Well done team you played very well!