U9 girls' hockey V Junior Kings 18.10.2018

Posted on: 19 October, 2018

Report by Caitlin
We were given clear instructions. There were four points. One was to attack, two was to spread out, three was don’t tackle your own players and four was marking.

The game started off fine, but we were a bit all over the place. The King’s defence was strong and they managed to work their way through us to score a goal in the first third. We tried to get it out, but it hit against someone’s stick and bounced back into the goal.

In the second third, King’s scored yet another goal from us being bunched together. We weren’t quite following the plan and were bunched together and they managed to work it out of our ball of people.

In the third third we got it really near the goal, except that we hit it a bit too far. We didn’t give up and there was a lot of effort put into the work we did. Unfortunately, we didn’t score a goal and they got one more before the end.

Player of the match was Clemi, because she persevered – she didn’t give up and she tried really hard. Well done Clemi and well done team. We want to follow those clear instructions we were given this match and keep them forever. Next match we’ll follow Clemi’s example and we’ll be bound to win!