Year 1 trip to Port Lympe Zoo 7.6.2019

Posted on: 14 June, 2019

First we set off to find the lions and tigers but we only caught a glimpse between the trees, so we descended to Basecamp via Wallaby Walk and the lemurs to the playground.  Recharged with tuck, we were then ready for our Safari trip on the truck.

Our driver told us lots of interesting facts as we went round the bumpy route.  On the way it started to rain, the wind got up, and soon everyone was freezing! However we all kept our eyes peeled for animals.  The ostriches came right past our truck and we saw many different antelope up close as well.

When we got off it was still raining, so we plodded a bit miserably through the Carnivore Territory (most of whom had the sense to avoid the inclement weather in their dens) until we reached the covered picnic area.  With some yummy food inside us, everyone felt a lot warmer and kept looking hopefully at the playground!

Next, after several soggy goes on the fireman’s pole (ably assisted by Elspeth), we entered the Dinosaur Forest.  Drips dropping from the trees made it quite atmospheric and everyone loved spotting and trying to identify each dinosaur in turn.  There were some damp photo opportunities and a few mini play areas as well.

Gradually the rain lessened and we started the long climb up the hill past the tapirs, who were thoroughly enjoying themselves, charging round their pen and diving into their pool!  We saw a few smaller primates and were hoping to see the gorilla, but they were tucked away in the warmest part of their den so we smelled rather than saw them!

Soon everyone was looking out for signs for the long-hoped for maze and the sunshine came out on cue.  There was some mad dashing around, a tumble and a cuddle, lots of laughter, followed by a much needed snack and drink.  

Then it was time to trawl up the rest of the hill where we saw baboons in force and had a good look at the rhino.  Finally we made it to the top and onto the bus before the heavens opened again.

It was definitely our wettest trip of the year, but despite freezing on the truck everyone had a good time overall and came away with lots of great memories.  Many thanks to Steve for driving the minibus and accompanying us all day, as well as lugging the spare drinks around!