Year 3 Viking Workshop

Posted on: 08 June, 2018

On Tuesday 5th June, Year 3 had a 'Viking Workshop' in the school hall. The day began looking at where the Vikings invaded from, then we moved on to look at some Viking artefacts. We saw jewellery, weapons, cutlery, gold and silver coins and much more. Next we got to try on some Viking armour and helmets - we learnt that Viking helmets didn't actually have horns!

After that we had a quiz where we had to find the answers on different boards and we learnt how to write our name in Runes. Before lunch we played a Viking game called 'Fox and Geese' which a bit like chequers. In the afternoon we got to handle some of the weapons - the sword was really heavy and the spear was extra long! Finally we got to play a game of 'Spear Wrestling' where we had to sit opposite each other on the floor and hold on to the spear. Then we had to try to pull each other up off the floor! 

It was a really good, informative and enjoyable day.