Year 3 Viking Workshop

Posted on: 13 June, 2019

Recount by Paige
On Friday 7th June Year 3 had a Viking day with Mike the Viking man. As soon as we came into the hall we looked at a map that showed us were the Vikings lived (Scandinavia) and where they attacked. After that we looked at some precious Viking artefacts such as coins, a comb, dice and ice skates.

Later on we did a quiz to get some information from lots of boards which told us all about runes, Viking gods, where they invaded and where they fought the Anglo-Saxons. Once we had finished we went out to play. After break we went straight to the hall to look at more exciting things to do. We played a few games of Fox and Geese, a Viking game which was good fun.

We then had lunch followed by playtime and then immediately we went into the hall and we saw a scary Viking! Although we all knew he was Mike, of course!

After that we looked at some weapons, shields and chain mail. When we had finished looking at the weapons, we tried to attack as if we were Vikings. We were pretending to attack monasteries. Next we did spear wrestling, I went against Mike, and he won. After I wrestled with Mike, I wrestled with Evie and won!

After a while we went back to the classroom for the story of Beowulf. We got to join in with the story and I really loved this.

I really enjoyed my Viking Day because it was so much fun and I learnt a lot about Vikings.