Year 3 visit to Pizza Express, Whitstable 9.5.2019

Posted on: 10 May, 2019

Report by Maiya

We travelled by  bus to get to Whitstable Pizza Express.

When we got there we were excited.  The first thing we did was wash our hands. At the table there were hats and aprons on there for us, so we put our aprons and hats on and got started.

Chef gave us some flour. He said not to touch the flour yet. Next he gave us some dough and he told us to press down on the edges of the dough. He said to keep on going until the dough was flat. Chef came around making our pizza longer by flipping it and spinning it in his hands. I thought it was very cool! He gave us some passata sauce so we could spread out the sauce and said it was good if you had basil in your pizza, my friend Faith had two basil leaves in her pizza .

Chef then gave us some cheese called mozzarella, he gave us  three bowls on each table, which were filled up with mozzarella. He told to spread the cheese out, or your pizza would be very cheesy. At least everyone got it right!  We were then instructed not to touch it anymore because his friend Luke was about to cook them. But before that he labelled us in numbers. I was on Table 1 and given the number seven. Luke put Table 1 pizzas in, it took about eight minutes.The pizzas were ready! Mrs J said we could eat one piece of pizza. Even when I took just one bite out of it I loved it!

It was the end of our trip,and my favourite parts were eating the pizza,being with my friends and making the pizza.


Report by Evie

On Thursday 9th May 2019, Year three travelled to pizza Express Whitstable. We travelled on the Lorenden bus.

We were all chatting and laughing as we walked in the door as we were super excited! We were making our own Margarita pizzas!  We obviously had to wash our hands, then put on a chef’s hat and an apron and GET STARTED. We started off by putting flour on the surface. We were told not to touch it until further instructions. After that Chef gave us a piece of dough in a ball. We used our hands to roll out the dough. We would start of pushing down the edge of the dough then flipping it round and pushing down a bit more we would keep repeating this process until we had an almost flat dough,then Chef would come round and throw the dough from side to side in his hands.

After that he put a scoop of passata sauce onto our pizza, he said that if we got a piece of basil you were very lucky. I did not get one but Faith got two! After that he gave us a spoon and he told us to circle the spoon around but not to  put not too much in the same place as it was going to rise. He came around to check we had done it right (luckily we all had!). He showed us on his pizza how to put the cheese on properly he said not to put the cheese on the pizza to close to each other because it will melt and you don’t want a really cheesy piece of pizza and the rest not as cheesy.

Chef gave us a number to make sure we got the right pizza.There was Table 1 and Table 2 then numbers 1-8 on each table and we were told to remember our number. I was Table 1, number six. Once he had given us a number he took our pizzas and gave them to the Luke, the real chef!

While he was cooking them the Chef gave us a quiz about lots of pizza toppings like mushrooms, basil,oregano,tomatoes and peppers.

Eventually our pizzas were cooked! They gave us a pizza box (obviously it had our pizza in!) and  we were allowed to try three pieces of pizza but I only ate three so that I had two left because I wanted to eat them later at home.

My favourite part was probably eating the pizza!

We ALL had a great time at pizza Express and we will definitely all remember it as a brilliant memory.