Year 4 residential trip to Swattenden Centre, Cranbrook 7.5.2019

Posted on: 10 May, 2019

On Monday 7th May, a very excited year 4 gathered in the classroom with packed bags, ready to set off to Swattenden. The journey to Cranbrook was mainly without incident (!) and we all arrived safely and raring to go.

We were met by our group leader, Matt, who was very excited to show us to our rooms. Then the fun began, as they were allocated their rooms and shown where the bed linen was!  Once the beds were made, we were off to lunch before our afternoon’s activities.

It was low adventure first, which involved lots of scrabbling through tyres, under nets and generally racing around in ever swapping teams. After a short break, we split into two groups for crate stacking and archery.

Tea time was followed by a night walk, with a very knowledgeable pair of guides. Then it was hot chocolate and bed. Surprisingly, the last ones were asleep by 11:00pm and Mrs Charter was able to put her head on the pillow by 11:10pm.

Our 5:20am Nuala alarm call worked a treat, waking most of us up! Breakfast was spent watching the rain get heavier - but we were not deterred! We covered up and undertook the climbing wall, more crate stacking for those who had not done this and archery. The morning flew by and we were soon packing our slightly soggy bags, before heading into the dining hall for lunch.

The journey back to school was considerably quieter than the journey there and we were soon back at school.

What a wonderful trip (despite the weather) and I am sure it will be remembered by all.