Year 5 Cooking Workshop at Brogdale Collections 4.6.2019

Posted on: 07 June, 2019

Recount by Skye and Olivia
It was a cold, wet morning when, on Tuesday the 4th of June, Year 5 went to Brogdale farm for the morning.

As soon as we arrived, we went on an hour's walk around the orchard and looked at all the trees. Before we turned around to come back, we looked at their weather station. There were lots of different instruments that told the weather.

When we arrived back we started to do some cooking. We made strawberry and rhubarb crumble!  It was very enjoyable and when we ate it, it was delicious.

After we finished our packed lunch we looked at food and balanced diets. For a balanced diet you need: fruit and vegetables, dairy, carbohydrates, protein and sugar. Finally, we investigated how much sugar was in foods. Children’s daily amount of sugar is five cubes and grown-ups is seven.

It was a very enjoyable day.