Year 5 football tournament at Boughton Primary School 4.10.2019

Posted on: 11 October, 2019

Boy's report by Tom M
On Friday the 4th of October Year 5 boys played a tournament in Boughton. Our first match was against Boughton we played well with good defending fromThomas and Liam. About half way through Dylan got up the pitch and scored and it ended in a 1 nil win to us. We then played Kent college, it was an even game with our goalie making some great saves. And it ended in a nil nil draw.

Up next was St Peters. We played well with even our defenders having some shots. First Athur got a great dribble and scored. After that I got 2 goals and Arthur following up also scoring. The final score was 5-l to us and we won the tournament. Man of the match is Thomas for his great defending.

Girls' report by Mollie, Nuala & Matilda
On Friday the 4th of October 2019 year 5 travelled to Boughton school to play in a football tournament . We played 3 other schools [St Peters, Boughton and Kent College].

Our first match was against Boughton. We played very well and we kicked the ball very hard and the end score was 3-1 . 

Our next match was against Kent College - they were quite strong but Nuala and Rachel were very strong up front and Kent College’s goalie was very strong, saving lots of goals. We then knew that we had to kick it harder. Nuala scored an  excellent goal. They scored one goal leaving the end score 2-1 to us.

Our last match was against St Peters  they had one really strong girl who was very strong she nearly broke through our defense, but then she got tackled by Mollie. Then the one time when we were not marking her she scored but then Matilda tried to get the ball down the pith but the other team tackled her and scored. We were too late to get to the ball then the whistle blew the end score was 1-0. All of the girls came second - that was good. Well done to all the girls who were there thank you.