Year 5 visit to Pizza Express 3.10.2018

Posted on: 05 October, 2018

Report by Lydia
On Wednesday the 3rd of October, the year 5 class went with Mrs Harris and Mrs Clark to Pizza Express. We were allowed to make our own pizzas.

First, we got the flour and spread it out on the counter to stop the dough sticking. Soon after, we were given a lump of dough. It felt sticky at first, but once you rubbed it in with the flour, it became really fluffy. We were told to flatten out the sides. We then flipped it over and did the same on the other side. Then we could flatten it out into the shape that we wanted. After that, we were given a pan to stretch the pizza out on. We were given a small amount of tomato sauce which smelt really nice to spread out with a spoon. The man helping us gave us small squares of mozzarella to arrange on the top of the sauce. Soon after that, he gave our pizzas each a number, and then put them in the oven to cook. 10 - 15 minutes later, the pizzas were ready! They smelt delicious and looked amazing - we couldn’t wait to try them!

It was the best morning ever! Thank you very much for taking us!