Year 6 Exchange Trip to Lille, France 11.6.2019

Posted on: 12 June, 2019

Recount by Lauren
On Tuesday the 11th June, Year 6  went to Lille on an exchange trip to meet some students, from the French school L’ecole Notre Dame, and go into the city centre of Lille to buy some delicious ice cream from the little stool outside ‘Meerd’, the amazing ‘Boulangerie’ in Lille, and also buy some souvenirs to remember the sunny trip.

We first, however, had to go under the Eurotunnel which was surprisingly quite quick, we all had a laugh and ate quite a few sweets! It was around about 10:30am when we finally arrived at the school and the pupils were standing outside with flags for us! They sang us a nice song with a few steps and dance moves. After this Madame Holland got us to socialise with all of them by pushing us into their little groups of people! We asked them questions like ‘comment t'appelles-tu?’ (What is your name?) or ‘quel âge as-tu?’ (How old are you?).

After some juice and a choice of croissant or other pastries, the French kids went back into their classrooms for lessons. We had a tour round the school by one of the teachers and noticed that all of the children's handwriting was very practiced and neat. When we went into the Year 5 classroom we saw some stick insects which we held because we had seen them on a recent ‘Skype’ call with the class! It was great to see everything in real life including our lap books which we sent them! We did lots of fun activities and chatting with the kids before having our packed lunches. By now nearly EVERYONE in the class had made a group of French friends, some were even singing together! But of course this bit of our Lille trip had to come to an end.

We then went with another teacher from the school on the minibus to the city centre for our visit to the Notre Dame cathedral (which had amazing stained glass windows and loads of fabulous artwork) and filled in some of our activity books which were given to us by the teacher giving us a tour round Lille to document things we saw in the city centre.

After this we made our way to the fabulous ice cream stand which we had been waiting for weeks! DELICIOUS! The only bad thing about it was that it was, of course, next to the amazing ‘Meerd’ which had sooo many delicious pastries in the window. Gwen popped in to purchase some pink macaroons and Mr Waitt bought some cakes too. By now it was time for the souvenirs and all of us bought some things to remember our trip. The French teacher/tour guide had left by now and we all said ‘merci’ and ‘au revoir’.

The trip back to school was fun and we all ate our dinner on the coach. It was fun as well to be in the Eurotunnel at seven o’clock with all your friends as well. Mr Norton and Mr Waitt were also phoning our parents to tell them we would be back earlier than expected. We finally arrived at Lorenden after a long day of travelling. Thank you to Mr Norton and Mr Waitt for taking us and keeping us going but an even bigger thanks to Madame for making it possible.  It was great!