Year 6 trip to Natural History Museum 5.12.2018

Posted on: 07 December, 2018

Recount by Flora
When we arrived at school and got ready to get on the minibus to go to Faversham Train Station. We were all bubbling with excitement as it was our first time going on the train to the Natural History Museum.

We arrived a bit early at the station, and when the train finally arrived, we got on and found spaces for us all to sit on.

When we had arrived at our stop (London Victoria) we got off and walked to the tube and quickly got on, it was quite full so we were all quite claustrophobic.

When we arrived at the museum, we headed straight into the Darwin section where there were exhibits of all the animals that Darwin had studied.  We found that he was mostly studying fossils and skeletons and how some earlier animals had signs of other animals and later animals in their skeleton.

Once we had completed a full circle of the room, we walked into the dinosaur exhibit where their were some more things about Darwin and his theory of evolution.

Once we had done that we walked to a lift to go to the Cocoon, which was all about looking at nature, and how they preserve their nature. It was very interesting as budding scientists could learn how to set up a trip to study in a different country. We also saw how Darwin preserved his findings.

We had a fun day and made it back safely in time for the end of the school day.