Parent's Handbook

We hope that your children will be extremely happy with us, not least because happy children are ready to learn.  Please do work in partnership with us to ensure their wellbeing and that of the whole community.

The parents’ handbook is provided in sections below and details the organisation of the school, our aims and how we fulfil our commitments. It is helpful if you also access our key policies too.

At Lorenden we believe in the preservation of childhood balanced by high all-round expectations of each individual; achieved by working together and valuing the part that everyone plays.  

One of the most important things that children learn is how to get along with other and how to enjoy their company.  They interact as brothers and sisters with all the attendant ups and downs; they have their differences and sometimes minor dramas but, overwhelmingly, they are kind to each other, considerate and encouraging when help is needed.  They are well-behaved and encouraged to question, respectfully, and to think ‘outside the box’ as these are skills that will stand them in good stead later on.  

Nurturing children is hugely rewarding.  Annually, when Year 6 children depart for their secondary schools, we are taken aback by just how much they have achieved.  

Thank you for sending us such interesting and enthusiastic children with whom to work, for supporting our endeavours and our very best wishes for your children’s continued success and happiness.