The school day is action packed and by the end of the week pupils are tired.  Hard work is expected in lessons and playtimes are a chance to refresh, relax and to genuinely ‘play’ - whatever the age of the pupil. Teachers eat lunch with their class and the meal is a sociable affair, for all ages. Prep pupils have two afternoons of Sport each week, including competitive matches and there are a range of activities for pupils to join both at lunchtimes and after school.  Friday afternoons is a time for the weekly cake sale, run by the Friends of Lorenden, and hugely appreciated by everyone!

Below is an outline of our school day.  More details can be found in the Parents’ Handbook section and in our Curriculum Policy.


School opens and children are welcomed into their class by their teachers.  Pre-Prep and Prep pupils in school before the 8.20am formal start time can take advantage of ‘Early Work’ in their class.


Formal lessons start across the school except for nursery who may choose ‘Early Birds’ from 8-8:30am, or arrive between 8:30 and 9am.  On Tuesdays Early Years and Pre-Prep have choir together at 8:20am.


Assembly for the whole school on most days.


Morning lessons, with a playtime midway through the morning.


Lunch for Early Years and Pre-Prep, followed by playtime.


Lunch for Prep, followed by playtime.


Afternoon lessons begin for Early Years and Pre-Prep, with a  short break midway through the afternoon.


Afternoon lessons, or sport, begins for Prep children.


The end of the day for Early Years.  Pupils joining After School Care are looked after by their class teacher until 3.30pm.


The end of the day for Pre-Prep pupils; after school care begins for Early Years and Pre-Prep.  Some after school activities for Early Years and Pre-Prep begin at this time.


The end of the day for Prep pupils.  Those joining homework club or after school activities are looked after by class teachers until 4:00pm.


After school care including homework club begins, after school activities begin.


Most after school activities finish.


Current latest pick up time from after school care.