U9 girls' hockey V Ashford 3.10.19

Posted on: 04 October, 2019

Report by Annabel
On Thursday 3rd October the U9 B team played Ashford away. We were two short so we borrowed Lottie and Mollie from Ashford. 

We won the toss and chose first pushback. With some excellent passing from Emmeline, Holly manged to score the first goal of her hat-trick. At quarter time, Holly swapped with Maiya and with encouraging words from Mrs Uttley, we went out to battle again.  With amazing passing from Bea, Lottie, Mollie and Maiya, the ball made it to Faith who scored twice. 

We then swapped sides. Ashford fought back and drove up the pitch a lot, but with help from the team I cleared them away.

Ashford suddenly sprinted up the pitch and scored an amazing goal! The full-time whistle blew and we had won 6-1.

“Player of the match” is Bea as nominated by Ashford. Well done Bea and well-done team.  Thank you again to Mrs Uttley for great coaching advice.