Year 5 Kent College Experience Day

Posted on: 28 March, 2018

Report by Flora

On the 20th of March, Year 5 went to Kent College Secondary School. We were all really excited, because none of us had been for a day doing secondary school lessons before. They were all very different and I think it was really fun walking to different lessons instead of having them all in the same classroom.

We arrived at Kent College farm at 9:25. The first thing we did was take off our trainers and put our wellies on as a replacement. The first animal we saw was Henry the Eighth roaming around (Henry was a chicken).The next thing we saw were some cows who were really friendly. We then saw the cutest piglets in the world, they were full of energy and really bubbly. We also saw the Mother who apparently ate 40 pounds of food every day!

We then saw some chickens who were clucking around. As the man was showing us the food dispenser, suddenly a chicken came over and used it just as we were talking about it!  After that, we saw an equestrian paddock, some horses and ducks.

Once we had gone through the farm, we got into the bus and went to the actual senior school. We went into the lunch hall, and had some amazing biscuits with the Kent College logo on them. They were really nice and were gone quickly!

Our first lesson was Spanish- we had never done Spanish at Lorenden so it was really fun learning the basics ( for example we learnt 1 to 10.)

Our next lesson was Art. They had an amazing art room and it was full of fantastic art pieces. The teacher told us a poem called ‘The Scroobious Pip’. We had to get lots of different animal pictures and cut bits out and stick them together to create one animal. Everybody had completely different designs, and so together they looked fabulous.

Soon after we did D.T. which was really enjoyable- in D.T. we created kangaroos. They were meant to move and they did, but not in a straight line! We started off having all of the bits in front of us and gluing the main body together, then we put some metal rings (washers) round some sticks and then glued the legs on.

We had lunch next which was really delicious. We had Chemistry after lunch, none of us had ever done Chemistry before but we knew we would love it.

We did some really fun experiments such as pouring water into a cup, putting a thermometer in the cup, then put an acid in it. It became roasting hot. We watched lots of experiments that were really cool - all of them used fire.

After chemistry, we had sport which was nearly everyone’s favourite lesson. In sport we played cricket. There were two teachers, one of them bowling, the other fielding. We were named 1 to 13- they were our batting numbers. All of us had to try and get our friends out which was really fun.

The people that travelled back on the bus discussed what our favourite things were. The top ones were: Art, D.T., Sport and Chemistry (so basically everything!).