Year 5 residential to Kingswood 15.5.2019

Posted on: 24 May, 2019

By Skye
It was a lovely day when, on the 15th of May, Year 5 went to Kingswood on their residential. Everyone was super excited! We set off just after lunch and it took half an hour to get there. As soon as we arrived we were shown around and were shown all the activities, they looked so fun!I couldn’t wait to do the Abseiling.

Before we did our first activity we were split into two groups, one went and did the 3G swing whilst the other did problem solving. My group did 3G swing. The 3G swing was basically a metal bar that you were attached onto by a harness. While two people were attached, the others maneuvered them up by pulling on a rope that made them rise higher into the sky. Suddenly, when you got to the top, you were told to pull on a tiny string that made you plummet down. It made you feel as if your stomach was being taken from your body. After we had finished we went to our dormitories. In our dormitories we each had our own bunk bed and there was four or five to a room.

After dinner, we did our evening activity which, that night, was the Scrapheap challenge. The Scrapheap challenge was where you covered someone in cardboard and they had to do walks and challenges.

We awoke early ready for the day. We ate breakfast and queued for our activities. We did Abseiling first and I was super excited!

We got rigged up and started. To start you had to climb a set of stairs and when you wanted to start Abseiling you needed to climb to the edge of the wooden wall and let go. It was as good as I hoped it would be.

The rest of the day passed in a blur doing:

Orienteering, Problem Solving and Obstacle course. For Orienteering they had hidden signs all around the park that we had to find using a map. Obstacle course was were there were all sorts of Obstacles that you work your way over or under. Problem Solving was really good fun. On one of the Problems you had to stand on a see-saw and you had to balance it out exactly.

Later that night we did the Bottle Rockets which was where you filled a bottle with water and pumped then it exploded and went forward. We all got soaked.

Next morning we woke up and got ready for our final day. Hungrily, we went to breakfast which, today, was bacon, hash browns and toast.

Next we lined up for our last two activities. My group’s first activity was Chariots and Catapults. In this activity you had: two barrels, four poles, some ropes and a plank. With all of that we made a buggy that could move. We all got to ride on it. Our final activity of this residential was Jacob’s Ladder. It was much harder than it looked but Edward got to the top!

Thank you to Mrs Harris for organising a brilliant residential and a special thank you to Mrs Clark for coming to help Mrs Harris after already doing the year six residential that week. It was a wonderful and memorable trip!