Year 5 visit to Museum of Kent Life for WW2 Experience

Posted on: 07 December, 2018

Recount by Siena
On Monday 26th November Year 5  went to the Museum of Kent Life for a WW2 experience day.  When we arrived we were led to an old ration shop. John, the man in the shop, showed us around.  He said that back then you would only get 100g of sweets a week! Then gave us a lollipop.

Next up was the house. This time Jim showed us around. He said that a long time ago you had to play music on a gramophone. I didn't even know what one was! He also said that the living room was kept for best, and only best! I sit in mine every day.

After that was the homeguards. The man, whose name I did not know, was part of the homeguards. He said that you could not go to war if you were a farmer, an engineer, a blacksmith, flat footed, a woman, too old, too young, had a permanent injury or some doctors. He made us march and hold a real gun! It wasn't loaded though. He also pointed out that even if you weren't allowed to fight you were allowed to enter the homeguards. Homeguards is where you can go on patrol and protect your country.