Year 6 visit to The Houses of Parliament

Posted on: 29 March, 2019

By Lauren and Hazel
On the 28th of March Year 6 Lorenden Prep School went on a trip to the Houses Of Parliament. We travelled by train and we thoroughly enjoyed our journey. When we got to Victoria station, we turned left onto the main road that took us to the houses of Parliament. When we got there we put our bags in the bag crate and a lovely person called Rhiannon took us on a tour.

First we went to the ‘Westminster Hall’ and learnt about how King Henry the VIII lived there, and played tennis in there. We learnt that Guy Fawkes and King Charles the first were put on trial there and then executed outside the hall near parliament square.

Our next place we visited on our tour, was the place where the suffragettes chained themselves to statues. We discussed the suffragettes and how they fought for women's rights when women were being treated unfairly. We discussed the time when women got the vote finally in 1918.

After this we went to the corridor just outside the House of Lords, this was interrupted by Lauren (me) who needed a loo trip to get some tissues for her (my) nose! We swiftly got back down to what we were talking about with Rhiannon told us about how the Queen signs all of the laws (if she likes them). Then we went into the House of Commons and watched them debate about disability. Then we went to do a workshop which was great fun. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and were very thankful for it and we had a great journey back.